Long student receives $1,000 scholarship to pursue his dreams

Top Row: School Board Member Verna Young, Dr. Steve Flores, Isaac Castaneda, Margo Vital, Interim Superintendent Dr. Arturo Cavazos and Principal Cynthia Castillo.
Bottom Row: Teacher Mrs. Roundtree, Isaac Castaneda, Dr. Wynn Rosser, Julian Castaneda and Angel Castaneda

With his green tie perfectly knotted and his smile ear to ear, Isaac Castaneda, third grade student at Long Elementary, prepares for his future as a superintendent with a little help from the Greater Texas Foundation (GTF).

Students and staff at Long Elementary cheered Castaneda on as he received a $1,000 scholarship from the GTF during a special assembly on Sept. 16. Along with his classmates, members of administration, school board and special guest Dr. Wynn Rosser, CEO and president of the GTF, were there to show their support for his dreams.

“Thank you very much for the money you have given me for college,” said Castaneda. “I will make you proud of me and when I grow up I want to be a superintendent.”

The scholarship he received will be put towards the expenses of completing his post-secondary education at any college or university he chooses, said Dr. Wynn.

He was selected to receive the scholarship after Dr. Flores shared the story of Castaneda, who wore a tie every school day after declaring his intent to pursue his dream of becoming a superintendent with GTF Board Members

His story, accompanied by the visual of his photo on a Facebook post from the district’s page, had such an impact that the organization decided to help him in any way they could to pursue his dream.

“Isaac’s dream is not only alive, but his dream is well on its way to where one day he will be an amazing superintendent,” said Dr. Steve Flores. “His story is an example of how our 18,495 students have an opportunity not only to dream but to dream big.”

Along with his story, the GTF and HCISD administrators hoped to share with students that dreams can come true with hard work and the importance of continuing and completing their post secondary education.

“All it takes is a dream, a belief, hard work, and they [students] can do that, are prepared to do that and we believe in them,” said Dr. Rosser. “That’s the message we wanted to send today. ”

Since 1980, The Greater Texas Foundation, headquartered in Bryan, TX, has provided support to ensure that all Texas students are prepared for, and have the opportunity to complete post-secondary education.

They place a particular focus on helping underserved and disadvantaged populations.

Their support of students across our state stems from their vision for all students to have equal opportunity when it comes to post-secondary education. To complete their mission, they form partnerships with numerous educational institutions, organizations, governmental agencies, and others involved in education, support research, share knowledge and create grants.

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