Long Elementary hosts Careers Week for students

The students at Long Elementary School are having a fun filled week learning about future career paths.

During the week of Feb. 11 – Feb. 15, Long has dedicated a portion of the day to educating students about the different career options available to them. Each grade level heard presentations from representatives at the Glady’s Porter Zoo, Harlingen Police Department, Wild 104 Radio Station, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores.

Students listened to the speakers describe their positions and the educational path they took to obtain them. Presenters provided a question and answer session for enquiring minds to ask anything they’d like about their position. To bring what they learned back into the classroom,  students will incorporate what they learned to complete school projects. At the end of the week, students will dress in the attire of their chosen profession and take photos.

Careers week is hosted to encourage students to think about their career goals early on, and pursue the completion of their education to meet these aspirations.

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