Disinfecting sprayers will facilitate frequent sanitation for upcoming school year

In the ongoing effort to ensure a safe return to school, HCISD has purchased electrostatic sprayers that will increase and facilitate cleaning and sanitation practices as the new school year approaches.


These sprayers improve cleaning capabilities by evenly spraying disinfectant solution onto surfaces and equipment. The press of a switch activates the electrostatic capabilities of the sprayer, which allows the solution to stick and wrap around the surfaces where it is applied. Unlike other sprayers, the extra capacity allows it to reach hidden and shadowed areas to ensure full and proper cleaning.


“We know that disinfection and sanitation are important, and it is one of the guidelines set by the CDC,” Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Alicia Noyola said. “This product will allow us to increase the frequency and efficiency of cleanings.”


Typically, when custodians cleaned a restroom or the desks in a classroom, they sprayed a solution, and then they wiped the solution off, but they don’t have to do that with these sprayers anymore. Custodians will now be able to cover more surface area in less time by quickly spraying classrooms, desks, bathrooms, water fountains, and other areas and equipment that need sanitation.


Each campus will receive a hand-held disinfecting sprayer, and bigger schools will receive an additional backpack-style sprayer to be able to clean larger areas quickly. The hand-held sprayers can cover up to 2,900 square feet before having to be refilled. The backpack sprayer can cover 23,000 square feet with a single-tank use. The disinfectant used in these products comes in a tablet form, and when mixed with water, it creates a disinfecting solution. 


This product will be of great use at the elementary level but will be even more useful at the secondary level, where students require more transitioning to get from one class to another. A quick spray in between transitions can ensure that the next student who comes into the classroom will sit at a clean desk.


These sprayers are cordless, lightweight, and easy to use. The simplicity of this product allows anyone to use it.


All of the sprayers that were ordered have arrived and are ready to be put to use once the doors open at each campus for the new school year.

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