Cano Cheer makes strong debut at summer camp

The 2018-2019 Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman Academy cheerleaders attended the National Cheerleaders Association camp held at South Padre Island this summer where they made a strong debut, receiving numerous team and individual awards.

After demonstrating outstanding achievement, the squad was granted a bid to the NCA Senior and Junior High School National Championships to be held in Dallas in January.

The squad received additional accolades including:

  • Awarded a Spirit Stick every day
  • Technical Excellence in Tumbling Award
  • Stunt S.A.F.E. Award for displaying excellent skills in spotting and stunting technique
  • Technical Excellence in Jumps Award

Eleven squad members were nominated to try out for All-American. The All-American Nominee status is awarded to cheerleaders displaying superior qualities in aspects of motions, jumps, dance, stunts, tumbling, and leadership.

Two cheerleaders were awarded All-American Cheerleader, the camp’s highest honor. The Cano mascot, the Raven, became an All-American Mascot for displaying superior qualities in the art of mascot including characterization, pantomime, and spirit.

The team was awarded a trophy for first place in Top Team Chant. They also received Superior Band Chant and Chant Ribbons as well as an Excellent Cheer Ribbon.

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