Vernon Band grows to set standard on campus

The Vernon Middle School Band has grown tremendously in the last couple of years, and with growth has come the successes.

The band recently made their mark in Vernon history by earning a total of 24 chair positions at the All City Band Auditions on Nov. 13. It is the highest number the campus has ever received, and is more than double the number of chairs awarded eight years ago.  Of the chairs given, five were awarded first chair, five were second chair, five were third chair, and three were fourth chairs and a fifth chair position.

“I was nervous before the competition but once I finished trying out, I was very excited and confident that I won”, said  Vivian Lopez, 8th grade tenor saxophone player and first chair recipient.

The program currently has a little more than 200 students enrolled, and their achievements can be attributed to their willingness to practice and work hard, said Keith Disantis, head director of the VMS band. He adds, that his students are very dedicated in improving their musical skills.

Recently, the Vernon band hall added additional space through renovations. The extra area will allow the program to split the bands to focus on the students’ specialized instrument, and bring the opportunity to allow more students to enter the program.

If their recent achievements are any indication of the future of the Vernon band, there is no stopping the program towards further success.With the excitement from their recent achievement still present, students have already begun to prepare for the All Region Band Auditions on Jan. 19.


Vernon All City Band Results: 


Evalyne    Ramirez  8th grade 1st  chair

Shian De Leon 8th grade         2nd  chair

Zoe Reyna        7th grade         3rd chair

Gabby Rodriguez  8th grade    8th chair

Carlota     Cruz 8th grade          9th chair

Mia Rodriguez          *Alternate


Noe Munoz 8th grade 1st chair




Anaid Hernandez  8th grade  1st chair

Natalie     De La Cruz 7th grade 4th chair

Clarissa    De La Rosa 8th grade 9th chair

Ernesto    Asebedo 8th grade 10th chair

Angel Zecaida      8th grade   *Alternate

Bass Clarinet

Deisy Cardiel    8th grade 2nd chair

Jessica Hernandez  8th grade  3rd chair

Alto Saxophone

Jesus Rodriguez          7th grade 2nd chair

Aaron Zapata   7th grade 4th chair

Tenor Saxophone

Vivian Lopez 8th grade  1st chair


Abram Alaniz 8th grade   2nd chair

Devin Porras 8th grade 7th chair

French Horn

Sammy     Infante     8th grade 3rd chair


Elias Sifuentes 8th grade 1st chair

Joe Gonzalez   8th grade 3rd  chair


Adrian Huerta  8th grade  3rd chair

Ricardo    Reyes       8th grade  4th chair



Mariela    Ramirez 8th grade 2nd chair

Isaac Alvarado 8th grade 5th chair

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