Superintendent Dr. Art Cavazos recognized for Patriotic Civilian Service

The United States Department of the Army awarded HCISD Superintendent Dr. Art Cavazos a Certificate of Appreciation for Patriotic Civilian Service on Jan. 16, for his support of the men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Presenting the recognition was Staff Sgt. Campos, a local Army recruiter.

“U.S. Army’s Harlingen Recruiting Station understands the importance of maintaining and building on professional relationships with community leaders,” said Campos. “Today, we were able to present the Superintendent of HCISD, Dr. Cavazos, with an Army Patriotic Civilian Service Award for his support in providing the strength to the world’s most powerful Army.”

Every year at the June regular board meeting, HCISD honors students who have answered the call to serve. Enlisting in the armed forces is one of many options available for students preparing for life after high-school graduation. The United States Army offers many college benefits and career opportunities.

“I can’t think of a more honorable way to serve your country than serving in the military,” said Dr. Cavazos. “We continue to be the strongest country in the world because of individuals like you and our HCISD students who have chosen this path of service. I thank you, and I am humbled. You are the true heroes.”

The Patriotic Civilian Service award is given to individuals who significantly contribute to the success of the U.S. Army’s mission and keep with the finest traditions of patriotic service.

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