Students awarded for raising fire safety awareness

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Students from all over the Harlingen Consolidated School District have recently been awarded for their creative artwork about Fire Safety.

Students ages K-12 were encouraged to submit a piece of their own artwork to the Harlingen Fire Prevention Poster Contest. The winners of the contest were chosen by the student’s amount of creativity and incorporation. This year’s theme was “Kitchen Fire Safety”.

Fire Inspector, Richard Alvarez and other members of the Harlingen City Council PTA helped present the awards to the first, second, and third place winners of the contest.

Members of the Harlingen Fire Department co-hosted the 2014 Fire Prevention Month Poster Contest Awards Ceremony with HCISD and Harlingen PTSA.

The winners of the city contest are eligible for the state and national contests.

To see photos from the evening, click here.


Complete list of students awarded in the 2013-2014 Fire Prevention Poster Contest:

Pre Kinder

1st: Jordan Aleman, Bonham Elementary

2nd: Christian Galdamez, Long Elementary

3rd: Jodi R. Garcia, Treasure Hills Elementary



1st: Jessica Deleon, Ben Milam Elementary

2nd: Belinda Davila, Lamar Elementary

3rd: Olivia Ahlana Gonzalez


1st Grade

1st: Olivia I. Gutierrez, Treasure Hills Elementary

2nd: Calista Garcia, Zavala Elementary

3rd: Dora Elizarraraz, Long Elementary


2nd Grade

1st: Marissa Medrano, Rodriguez Elementary

2nd: Mario A. Vento Jr., Treasure Hills Elementary

3rd: Cristian Henriguez, Rodriguez Elementary


3rd Grade

1st: Ojus Dutta, Treasure Hills Elementary

2nd: Justine Ramos, Sam Houston Elementary

3rd: Madison Meyers, Stuart Place Elementary


4th Grade

1st: Aaron Blunt, Austin Elementary

2nd: Jaime Salinas, Lamar Elementary

3rd: Natalie Garcia, Long Elementary


5th Grade

1st: Ethan Gonzalez, Lamar Elementary

2nd: Ellas Rodriguez, Crockett Elementary

3rd: Angel Delacruz, Treasure Hills Elementary


6th Grade

1st: Nathan Daniel Pizano, Memorial Middle School

2nd: Hollie Marie Bach, Memorial Middle School

3rd: Pedro Miguel Cortina, Memorial Middle School


7th Grade

1st: Sergio Sebastian Perez, Memorial Middle School

2nd: Jesse Tameron McGlade, Memorial Middle School

3rd: Bianca Maria Mendoza, Memorial Middle School



8th Grade

1st: Lori Nicole Lopez, Memorial Middle School

2nd: Emily Garcia, Memorial Middle School

3rd: Viana Flores, Memorial Middle School


9th Grade:

1st: Ashley Guillen, Cano Freshmen Academy

2nd: Samantha Sanders, Cano Freshmen Academy

3rd: Ron Patrick Pawig, Cano Freshmen Academy


10th Grade

1st: Maria Sanchez, Early College High School


11th Grade

1st: Patricia Nicole Kennedy, Harlingen High School South

2nd: Jessica Maria Cortez, Harlingen High School South


12th Grade

1st: Michael Anthony Martinez, Early College High School

2nd: Stormie Garza, Early College High School




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