Student of the Week: Exemplary student raises the bar

Jefferson SOW2

Ask Uday Lopez Jasso, fifth grade student at Jefferson Elementary, about anything that he’s learned in his science class, and he will recall it with ease.

Science is his favorite subject. He especially enjoys working on experiments and learning from his teacher, Mirelia Arguelles.

“We do experiments to help us know how something works, says Uday. “We have done experiments on insoluble and soluble substances, and buoyancy. Every time we do an experiment Ms. Arguelles tells us to use the scientific method.”

An all-around exceptional student, Uday maintains his grades at a high level a carries his love of learning into UIL academics.

“I participate in art and number sense, says Uday. “When I compete in number sense I’m not allowed to show my work on paper, I have to work the problems out in my mind. In art, there are two parts to the competition, part A and part B. In Part A, I need to memorize the painting and the name of the artist. In part B they ask about the artist’s life and the style of the painting.”

Uday has already been preparing for his February UIL competition. He is asked about his preferred paintings, and he promptly describes two of his favorite pieces: Tintoretto’s “Doge Alvise and Family before the Madonna and Child” and Lancret’s “La Camargo Dancing.”

Along with UIL, Uday is also involved in basketball, choir, safety patrol, and student council. As the student council’s greatest enthusiast, Uday uses his position as a member of the student council to encourage others.

This past Veteran’s Day, he had the opportunity to meet and thank veterans for their service at a special assembly on his campus. He took it upon himself to write thank you cards for the veterans and motivated other students to do so as well.

Uday says that the heroes in his life are veterans because they give us all the freedom that we have. He hopes to one day also be able to protect others.

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