Online registration for select secondary campuses available June 1st

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Making the registration process easier for secondary students, online registration will be available to parents and students at all of HCISD Middle Schools, Harlingen High School, Harlingen High School South and Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman Academy.

Starting on June 1, parents and students will be able to register online through Parent Access Center. To access the online registration feature parents must have a Parent Access Center (PAC) account and a valid email address.

For parents, they are asked to login to Parent Access Center to confirm if their email is valid and, if needed, contact the registrar’s office at their child’s campus to update or add an email address before May 29.



For more information visit our website at under the For Parents section or click here. 

To login to Parent Access Center click here. 

3 thoughts on “Online registration for select secondary campuses available June 1st

  1. My granddaughter, Alexandria Garcia, will be attending Vela Middle School this coming school year. We would like to register her for school using the on-line website but we appear to need a Username and Password.

    Could you please supply us the information?

    Thanks, Alberto Garcia (428-0846)

  2. I am trying to pre-register my daughter for 6th grade.She is coming from Stuart Place.How do I access the parent center to fill in the information? I went to the meeting at Stuart and met the principals and counselors. They said to would be easier to pre-regi ster before August 11th. Thank you for your help. Mary Kay Garcia

  3. before school ended I’ve contact Coakley to inform them that my email address was incorrect and I got passed around to 4 different people and everyone told me they weren’t the ones who could change my email address and they didn’t know who at the school could do it. I even called HCISD and they said the middle school would have to do it. I find it very frustrating that your staff does not know how to handle a situation like this and the email address they have on file is completely off what it actually is. who ever is doing your data entry needs to confirm emails if she/she can’t understand the writing and not assume what it is especially when trying to change it in your systems takes an act of congress. This situation needs to be corrected if HCISD continues to go the online route with e-mail notifications, registration and e-signing of forms.

    Can you tell me who I can contact at Coakley so I can get my email changed and register my son online?

    My son is Sebastian G. Pina.

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