Leadership organizations share experiences with district officials


To celebrate leadership, District Administrators and School Board Members along with this year’s Student Advisory Board and Team One members came together to share their experiences on May 14.

The two organizations, which are aimed at building and developing future leaders, were honored at a dinner prior to the regular Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday. While breaking bread, SAB and Team One members had the opportunity to speak with district leaders while giving them an insight to their year’s activities.

“I’ve learned that students can have a voice,” said Celeste Bermudez, SAB representative from Gutierrez Middle School. “We’ve gotten to share our opinions and make a difference on our campus.”

For Team One members, their reflection over the year was equally as positive.

The SAB is a committee of 15 students from secondary campuses across the district. Members represent the elected student leadership at each of their campuses. Students work with the superintendent and members of administration to address concerns at their campus in a positive environment.

Team One is an initiative dedicated to training individuals to seek the complex position of campus principal.  The Team One, Cadre 5 members participated in multiple workshops aimed at achieving this mission throughout the year.

This is the fifth cohort for both organizations, and after the festivities, the members were recognized by the School Board during their May meeting.


Student Advisory Board 2012 – 2013 Members:

President – Jill Quinsenberry, Harlingen High School
Vice President – Angel Yanez, Harlingen High School South
Secretary – Elizabeth Diaz, Harlingen High School
Community Service Chair Person – Lillian Loucks, Harlingen High School South
Omar Hunter –  Harlingen High School
Jared J. Guerrero – Harlingen High School
Reuben Britten – Harlingen High School South
Austin Lambert – Harlingen High School South
Hailey Augebright – Early College High School
Alexandra Melgoza – KEYS Academy
Michaela Garza – Coakley Middle School
Celeste Bermudez – Gutierrez Middle School
Mia Olivares – Memorial Middle School
Ginger Bennett – Vela Middle School


Team One members 2012 – 2013:

Robert Floyd – Travis Elementary
Tanya Garza – Zavala Elementary
Mike Reyes – Gutiérrez Middle School
Jose Banda – Vernon Middle School
Shannon Reyna – Special Education
Mindy Sanchez – Crockett Elementary
Debbie Finch – Harlingen High School South
Luis Solorio – Harlingen High School
Cynthia Thompson – Early College High School

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