Bonham club saves one tree at a time during campus Recycle Day


Second grade students involved in the newest organization at Bonham Elementary School are saving the planet one tree at a time.

The Bonham Lil Green Healers club is a campus organization dedicated to helping their campus become more environmentally friendly by spreading the word about conservation. They often show their smiles and green thumbs by collecting paper from campus classrooms every week.

In addition to cleaning their classrooms, the second grade students visited Pendleton Park to clean up litter and sort the left materials into recycling at the Harlingen Recycling Center on May 15.

At the recycling center, they learned the process of recycling, and took a tour of the warehouse where the materials are stored.

The members in the club visited the center as part of their service project in order to gain a basic understanding of recycling and gather information to share with the campus and fellow students upon returning.

The goal is that the students who participate will develop a sense of pride in changing the community for a greener planet while gaining an activist experience in career-oriented skills, leadership skills, and collaborative skills.

To be a part of the club, every student filled out an application form, works in groups to achieve their purpose, and alternate roles within the club.

This is the organization’s first year and is having great support from Bonham students in all grade levels, administrators and teachers.

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