HCISD meets TEA accountability standards with 24 academic distinctions district-wide and three out of five middle schools earning distinction in all areas


The Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District met standards on all accountability categories this year, according to the results of the new state accountability system.

Released on Aug. 8, the ratings from the Texas Education Agency showcased district performance in two categories, which were Performance Index Summary and System Safeguards. In the Performance Index Summary, HCISD exceeded requirements in the areas of student achievement, student progress, closing performance gaps and postsecondary readiness. In total, HCISD earned 24 academic distinctions district-wide.

In addition, Gutierrez Middle School, Vela Middle School and Vernon Middle School achieved academic distinction in all areas. HCISD had three out of 759 (21%) of campuses state wide to earn the distinctive title.

“As we continue in the current accountability system, we are proud of the efforts of our students, staff and school board for focusing on student achievement in our district,” said Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores. “The state accountability system is not our primary focus.  We focus on our most important commodity, which is the teaching and learning that goes on in our outstanding classrooms each day of the school year. We are poised for a breakthrough year where we continue highlighting environments that create high levels of student achievement, our Professional Learning Communities on all of our campuses are goal focused on our outstanding students.”

HCISD scored a 70 in student achievement while the target score was 50. The target score for student progress was 21 and was met by HCISD with a score of 34. Also, the district scored 69 in closing performance gaps with an original target of 50. For postsecondary readiness, in which the target score is 75, Harlingen schools scored 86.

According to the TEA website, System Safeguards are the disaggregated performance results of the state accountability system. They serve as the basis of safeguards for the accountability rating system to ensure that poor performance in one area or one student group is not masked in the performance index.

Harlan Howell, the district’s Director of Research and Evaluation, said that there were 63 indicators our district was expected to meet set targets.  Of those 63, our district met 53 targets. Those targets were broken down to Performance Rates, Participation Rates, Graduation Rates, and Met Federal Limits on Alternative Assessments.  In the areas of Participation and Met Federal Limits on Alternative Assessments, the district was at 100%.

With the standards exceeded, HCISD teachers aren’t letting it distract them for next year’s preparation, said Lisa Bazan, Long Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year.

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  1. Congratulations to Gutierrez, Vela and Vernon and all of our HCISD family. We strive to meet the educational needs of all our students and prepare them for the successful futures they all deserve. Outstanding!!!

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