Coakley UIL team earns 39th consecutive district championship


Students from Coakley Middle School continued their tradition for excellence by earning the campus’ 39th consecutive district University Interscholastic League (UIL) Academic Championship.

During the January meet, Coakley swept away the competition with a score of 1014. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students competed in UIL academic meets for middle school students with campuses from across the Rio Grande Valley competing for the top spot.

Hosted in San Benito on January 9 and 10, the tournaments consist of 19 categories including math skills, impromptu speaking, and dictionary skills.

Coakley’s success can be attributed to the to the determination and time it its principal, students, faculty, and staff have to the after-school activity.

Coakley UIL Students:

6th Grade
Armstrong, Justin
Backor, Emily
Briones, Leilani
Bryson, McKayla
Castillo, Mia
Clark, Francine
Elizondo, Ben
Everett, Drake
Garza, Daniel
Gilbert, Emma
Gonzalez, Paul
Guadarrama, Michael
Hardison, Jenna
Herbertson, Carli
Herrera, Jeniah
Lalwani, Millind
McMinn, Emma
Medrano, Amanda
Ortiz, Angela
Pawig, Roj
Ramos, Aliana
Rodriguez, Jacob
Sanchez, Rebekah
Sylvester, Danielle
7th Grade
Arellano, Christina
Atkinson, Madison
Aune, Megan
Backor, Abby
Borrego, Maddie
Carney, Hannah
Carter, Helen
Cavada, Armando
Celis, Julia
Duncan, Catherine
Elizarde, Adam
Fierro, Erin
Galvan, Jocelyn
Garcia, Manny
Gil, Sidney
Gomez, Matthew
Gonzalez, Mia
Guadarrama, Gilbert
Guevara, Allyah
Martinez, Adonai
Martinez, Kaila
Munoz, Mireya
Olson, Savannah
Pearcy, Sophia
Quintanilla, Salome
Rivera, Leylah
Wang, SiyanPerez, Gabriella
8th Grade
Carbajal, Julissa
Duncan, John
Gaytan, Alaina
Gomez, Ashley
Gonzalez, Michael
Gruhot, Brittney
Hernandez, Alyssa
Ott, Andrew
Posada, Kristian
Russek, Rebekah
Soto, Jared
Sylvester, Danielle
Trillo, Julian
Wylie, Tanisha




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