Treasure Hills Chess checkmates the competition during first year


The Treasure Hills Chess team has made their mark in the Rio Grande Valley during their first year of starting the program.

The team earned top marks at the Russell Elementary School Happy Trails Chess Tournament in Brownsville on April 15.

The K-3 team was awarded first place. Made of third and second grade students, it’s the teams first active season with most of the students playing chess for less than a year.

Individually, Nathan Perez, third grade, finished in tenth place. Yossi Gilbert, second grade, finished 12th.

2 thoughts on “Treasure Hills Chess checkmates the competition during first year

  1. I am very proud of our first year CHESS team at T.H.E. Can’t wait till next year! First place as a team was SOOO exciting!
    Congrats to Nathan Perez and Yossi Gilbert with their individual awards.

    Proud Parent, Mari Perez

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