Superintendent’s Message: Healthier students inside and outside the classroom

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For the April 2013 Superintendent’s Message, Dr. Steve Flores addresses basic health understanding as a growing concern in the Rio Grande Valley and HCISD’s efforts to educate students about health related issues through programs and partnerships.


April 2013 Superintendent’s Message:


The city of Harlingen is growing. New campuses are opening and businesses are flourishing. With this growth, comes the need to address matters that affect its community.

Basic health understanding is a growing concern. For our students, their health can affect their performance in the classroom before they take their seat at the beginning of the day.

Our mission at HCISD is to provide a safe learning environment that promotes success inside and outside the classroom. This includes educating our students about health related issues through programs and partnerships. A healthy student comes in ready to learn and ready to excel.

Our child nutrition department, along with Captain Carrot, works to raise awareness of nutritional knowledge on our campuses and community. They encourage the selection of healthier meal options during district events.

The partnership we hold with the American Heart Association gives elementary students the opportunity to participate in Jump Rope for Heart, which is aimed at increasing heart disease awareness, promoting physical activity and raising money for research. This year, Stuart Place Elementary was awarded as the top fundraiser. We’ve also joined forces with the Harlingen Junior League to encourage our district’s attendance of the second annual KidFit Festival. Many of our students participated in the day’s activities, which showcased the different exercise options available to them in our community and the importance of remaining active.

These school years encompass a time when students should establish a strong foundation for nutritional habits. It’s these activities that promote a sense of health awareness and community.

Our emphasis towards basic health understanding is not limited to our students. The district’s wellness committee coordinates an annual health initiative to get our HCISD family equipped with information during health fairs hosted by campuses. It’s one step towards a more knowledgeable future.

These efforts reflect on a call for action to address this pressing issue in our community. With our initiatives and partnerships we are working to ensure that our students, teachers, staff and parents have the tools necessary to obtain and understand information that enhances their wellbeing. It is with a healthy start that can lead us towards a strong finish.

Thank you for your time and commitment to public education in our most outstanding community.

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