Schools raise funds for health research

Lee Means Elementary School and Long Elementary School came together for a good cause during the month of March.

Both campuses participated in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Pasta for Pennies Fundraiser, a community service project which raises money to further research a cure for cancer. In all, Lee Means was able to raise 3,113.94 dollars and Long 4,957.02 dollars for the worthy cause.

As an award, the student’s class who raised the most money received a free meal from Olive Garden. Diana Kimak’s third grade class at Lee Means raised 240.70 dollars and a class of 22 first graders at Long raised 1,179.80 dollars.

Long participates in two charities, including Pasta for Pennies and Relay for Life both of which are dedicated to cancer. This year the campus donations to both charities combined exceeded 11,000 dollars with over 7,000 dollars going to Relay for Life. In addition, the child featured as the poster child for the Pasta for Pennies charity in the Rio Grande Valley is Aiden Perez, a first grade student who helped his class raise over 1,000 dollars and earn the Olive Garden incentive.

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