Superintendent’s Message: Growing academic options for student success

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With classrooms around the nation changing every day, transformation is necessary to keep students at the forefront of education and to promote future success. HCISD’s Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores highlights the growing academic options available to students at the Harlingen school district during the March 2013 Superintendent’s Message.


Superintendent’s Message March 2013:

Classrooms around our nation are changing every day. Educators are teaching with technology, students are able to access their lessons at a moments notice with digital devices and there is a continued emphasis placed on cultivating early academic and career success. It is the progress of education that makes change necessary for student advancement.

To keep our students at the forefront, we have embraced transformation at HCISD. This year, twenty of our classrooms were redesigned to reflect technological advances. These digital classrooms use technology to enhance curriculum and change the way students and teachers interact. The educational approach that is utilized is similar to higher education institutes. It allows learning to flourish in our students by facilitating cognitive development and problem solving skills. In the next year, we plan to increase the number of digital classrooms to give more students the opportunity to experience the integration of technology into education.

We are also working to create new academic options for students and parents to select from in their pursuit of a quality education.  The School of Health Professions, which is set to open in Fall 2014, will feature coursework set towards placing students on medical career paths. Our Dual Language classrooms at Lee Means Elementary and Ben Milam Elementary, the Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman Academy and our Competitive Edge Initiative throughout all grade levels will offer students the opportunity to find their passion while nurturing college and career readiness. These educational options accompany our open enrollment policy at our Elementary school campuses, which permits parents to choose what campus their child attends.

Our increasing choices will continue to remain a factor in our district’s transformation, and showcase our dedication to the advancement of our students. With the year 2013 well along its way, our commitment to public education will carry on.

Public schools persist as an important part of our society, and in the month of March, schools across the state will celebrate Texas Public Schools week. The week honors the collaboration between parents, schools, students and the community towards supporting the mission of public schools.

During our community’s celebration we ask for your continuation of this commitment. With your support, the possibilities for HCISD students are endless. Thank you for your time and commitment to public education in our most outstanding community.

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