Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores speaks to freshmen about the road to graduation

For some students, their first year of high school can be daunting, but with a little advice they will have a better idea on how to set themselves up for a successful future.

Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores visited the high school campuses on Oct. 15 to speak to freshmen about the monumental role their first year will play.

“Today is about allowing you the opportunity to understand how important it is to start your initial year strong,” Dr. Flores said. “ This year will set the foundation for a strong finish.”

During the presentations, Dr. Flores gave students a breakdown of credit accumulation by year, and asked them to set a goal of what position they would like to rank in their class. The importance of attendance was a key topic, and how it correlates with academic success.

“Credit accumulation, class rank and attendance work together,” Dr. Flores said.  “It’s hard to be successful in the classroom, when you are not there.”

At the three schools, Dr. Flores spoke to more than 1,400 students.

One thought on “Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores speaks to freshmen about the road to graduation

  1. Thank you Dr. Flores for taking the time to come and speak to our students. They were very enthused about what you had to say. These students are a wonderful group of students!

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