Students represent HCISD at 2022 Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show

Harlingen CISD students representing Harlingen High School FFA, Harlingen High School South FFA, and Cameron County 4-H Club showed their animals and exhibited their projects at the 2022 Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show.

Results are listed below:

Harlingen High School

Market Hogs
Zackery Rosenbaum, 1st place/Duroc
Teresa Salinas, 3rd place/ Duroc
Luke Albritton, 2nd place/Dark OPB
Jadelyn Gonzalez, 1st place Champion/Light OPB
Liana Salinas, 1st place Reserve Champion/Light OPB
Ricardo Segura, 1st place Reserve Champion/Dark Cross
Angelica Cruz, 2nd place/Dark Cross
Kennedy Dyer, 1st place/Other Cross
Malillany Segundo, 1st place, Other Cross

Market Rabbit 
Evelyn Quezada, 3rd place/Californian

Jr Breeding Gilts
Avery Fohn, 3rd place/ Duroc
Samuel Fuentes, 3rd place/Yorkshire
Zackery Rosenbaum, 3rd place/White OPB

Jr Breeding Rabbits
Evelyn Quezada, 1st place/ Intermediate Californian Buck

Andres Gonzalez,1st place Champion/Bulbs
Bailey Helmer, 3rd place/Edible Plants

 Shop Division
Zackery Rosenbaum, 3rd place/Small Wildlife Equipment
Zackery Rosenbaum, 2nd place/Home Interior & Conveniences (Small)

Andres Gonzalez, 1st place/ Animals & Birds
Emma Salinas, 10th place/ Animals & Birds
Raymond Salinas, 8th place/ Animals & Birds
Bailey Helmer, 6th place/People
Chipman Falls, 8th place/Animals & Birds
Michael Gutierrez, 9th place/ Animals & Birds

Harlingen South

Breeding Cattle: Beefmaster
McKayla Valdez –  8th / 3rd
Luke Riggs – 2nd

Kylie Mitchell – 3rd Senior Elements of Design
Caitlyn Morales – 2nd Senior Black and White
Joaquin Garza – 8th Senior Food
Landry Mitchell – 2nd Junior Elements of Design
Brandon Nieto – 3rd Junior Elements of Design

Shop Projects:
McKayla Valdez – 1st/ Reserve Division Champion
Angelina Cuevas – 5th

Breeding Goats:
Kylie Mitchell – 2nd / 1st
McKayla Valdez – 3rd / 1st
Landry Mitchell – 2nd /3rd
Addyson Enriquez – 2nd
Nicolas Enriquez – 7th / 9th
Lexi Saldivar – 5th / 11th
Matthew Santamaria – 9th

Dairy Goats:
Kylie Mitchell – 1st / 3rd
Landry Mitchell – 4th

Breeding Rabbits:
Yvonne Galvan – 8th
Dakota Tiffin – 8th

Speed Events:
Hannah Campbell – 1st in 13-18 age Barrels / 5th overall / Reserve Champion of Speed Events

Breeding Cattle: Red Brangus
Joshua Riggs – 1st / 2nd  /  Reserve Division Champion
Luke Riggs – 2nd

Breeding Gilts:
Naelynn Jimenez – 8th

Market Rabbits:
Caitlyn Morales – 2nd (SALE of Champions)
Yvonne Galvan – 5th
Camryn Resendiz – 7th

Market Lambs:
Kylie Mitchell – 2nd (SALE of Champions)
Thalia Newlin – 6th
Landry Mitchell – 4th

Market Goats:
Liberty Tiffin-7th
Dakota Tiffin-4th
Thalia Newlin- 4th
Kylie Mitchell- 2nd (SALE of Champions)
Vince Rodriguez- 1st (SALE of Champions)
Angelina Cuevas – 9th
Karina Saenz- 3rd (SALE of Champions)
Victoria Garza – 2nd(SALE of Champions)
Angel Saenz – 2nd ; 5th Junior Showmanship(SALE of Champions)
Aaron Saenz –  9th ; 10th Intermediate Showmanship
Gabriella Saenz – 3rd (SALE of Champions)
Landry Mitchell –  3rd (SALE of Champions)
Addyson Enriquez – 3rd (SALE of Champions)

Market Steers:
Sarahi Rodriguez-4th
Gabrielle Vega – 7th
Brandon Nieto – 2nd ; 3rd Junior Showmanship (SALE of Champions)
Landry Mitchell – 11th

Market Swine:
Sara Blackburn- 2nd (SALE of Champions)
Emily Espinoza – 2nd (SALE of Champions)
Naelynn Jimenez – 4th
Kaitlyn Contreras – 2nd (SALE of Champions)
Alexandra Trejo- 2nd/ Reserve Breed Champion(SALE of Champions)
Sarahi Rodriguez – 1st
Sophia Cavazos – 2nd(SALE of Champions)
Alex Silva – 6th

Cameron County 4-H Club

Market Rabbits
Naomi Macmanus, 2nd place
Julia Macmanus, 7th place

Market Poultry
Naomi Macmanus, 3rd place
Julia Macmanus, 4th place,

Market Hog
Avery Fohn, Reserve Grand Champion

Bailey Helmer, 3rd place

All Valley Cotton Style Show 
Bailey Helmer, Reserve Grand Champion
Tatum Helmer, 2nd place

Open Commercial Doe Show
Ryleigh Greer, 1st place

Market Goat
Ryleigh Greer, 2nd/Reserve Champion in showmanship

Jr Dairy Goat
Ryleigh Greer, Grand Champion

2023 RGVLS Covergirl
Ryleigh Greer, 2023 RGVLS Covergirl
Avery Fohn, first runner up 2023 Covergirl
Kylie Mitchell, fourth runner up 2023 Covergirl

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