Student of the Week: Fifth grader proves that kids who read succeed

Alondra Velasquez

Alondra Velasquez, fifth grade student at Crockett Elementary, keeps her principal’s words, “Readers are Leaders,” close to her heart.

Maintaining a 95 percent cumulative average in each class, much of her academic success is attributed to her determination and her love of reading.

Every chance she gets, she reads, even in the cafeteria. At home, she gets lost in her books, some much so, that her mom has to remind her to put her book down and go to sleep.

Alondra hopes to one day follow in her teacher’s footsteps, and use her depth of knowledge to help students learn.

“When I was younger, my teacher let me help other students. Ever since then, I have wanted to become a teacher,” said Alondra. “I like helping my mom with my sister. She is going to Pre-K, and I help her learn her ABCs and colors.”

Alondra is also involved in UIL, where she increases her ability to find information with the academic activity, Dictionary Skills.

With a strong foundation in learning, her teachers and administrators are confident that she will succeed in anything she puts her mind to.

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