Summer_Content_bannerSecondary Schools from across the district submitted student artwork created this past school year. The submissions below were featured in Valley Morning Star’s Student Content Summer Showcase on July 21st.

Submission 1:Submission_1 Student Names: Ian, John, Jorge
Title: Wanting to be Grown Up
Grade: 9
Campus: Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman Academy

Submission 2:
Submission_2Student Names: Estrella Reyes
Title: Colorful Horse
Grade: 10
Campus: KEYS Academy

Submission 3:
Submission_3Student Names: Carolina Barriga
Title: Catfish
Grade: 11
Campus: KEYS Academy

Submission 4:
Submission_4Student Names: Jacob Velez
Title: Mountains
Campus: Harlingen High School

Submission 5:
Submission_5Student Names: Adriana Palacios
Title: Music
Grade: 6
Campus: Vela Middle School

Submission 6:
Submission_6Student Names: Ryan Velasquez
Title: The Girl With the Black Hair
Grade: 6
Campus: Vela Middle School

Submission 7:
Submission_7Student Names: Heriberto Avalos
Title: DJ Cat
Grade: 6
Campus: Vernon Middle School

Submission 8:
Submission_8Student Names: Sheanette Zamora
Title: John Wayne
Grade: 10
Campus: KEYS Academy

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