South Speech takes impressive win in first contest of the season

TM Team

Harlingen High School South Speech Team did an outstanding job at their first tournament of the year with sweepstakes win. The contest was held at Tuloso Midway High School in Corpus Christi on Saturday, September 16.

The following students contributed to the team’s success:

Dramatic Interpretation:
1st place Anell McDaniel
2nd place John Duncan

Humorous Interpretation:
2nd place John Duncan
4th place Anell McDaniel

Duo Interpretation:
3rd place John Duncan and Savannah Smith
5th place Isabella Connell and Nathaniel Carney

Duet Acting:
4th place Natalie Perez and Savannah Smith
5th place Nathaniel Carney and Mark Colmenares

5th place John Duncan

2nd place Lauren Ponce

Novice Prose:
5th place Alexa Strubhart

Original Oratory:
3rd place Lizzy Everett
4th place Lucero Sauceda
5th place John Duncan
6th place Christian Villarreal

Program Oral Interpretation:
6th place Joseph Decilos
4th place Lauren Ponce

Foreign Extemp:
6th place Christian Villarreal

Domestic Extemp:
3rd place Lucero Sauceda
4th place Lizzy Everett
6th place Nathan Guerrero

Informative Speaking:
3rd place Natalie Perez
4th place Joseph Decilos
5th place Lucero Sauceda

CX Debate:
1st place RJ Gonzalez and Christian Villarreal
LD Debate:
1st place Lizzy Everett

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