Sam Houston Elementary teacher publishes children’s book

Sam Houston Elementary Spanish teacher Laura Abrego is a newly published author.

She wrote “Fun at the Festival” a year ago but did not submit it until a few months ago after a conversation with her mom.

“My dad passed away six years ago, and my mom reminded me how my dad would always say, ‘If you want something, you have to work for it,’’’ Abrego said.

Those words gave her the push she needed to submit her book. So, she decided to submit the book for publishing.

“Ok, I am going to submit the book and see what happens,” she said.

The book is based on a true story.

“My husband and I took our son to Medina, Texas, to a fall festival when he was about six years old,” Abrego said. “Just like in the book, he wasn’t too excited at first because he didn’t know what a fall festival was, but then once we got there and he got to do the petting zoo and the hayride, he had a blast.”

Through her book, she hopes to inspire her students.

“I keep telling my kids that this just goes to show that you can accomplish anything,” Abrego said. “Here in South Texas, we don’t really see fall weather, so it’s kind of hard for the kids to relate because they don’t see the change in leaves. That was another reason I wrote the book. I wanted my kids to envision what fall weather is really like when they are reading it.”