Rodriguez students exchange global experiences with visitor


Students at Rodriguez Elementary School were in for a global experience on April 18.

Emma LePore’s fourth grade class was visited by Geomi George, a fourth grade facilitator at Trivandrum International School in India, as part of a professionals exchange program. The campus was able to participate in the program through their partnership with Harlingen Rotary.

Throughout the day, George assisted the class with their lessons and provided the class with a showcase of India. She shared her experiences with students from across the globe and gave students the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

“I really enjoyed my visit,” said George. “The students had such nice questions, and had wrote down so many. They had learned something about India before today. It made me feel comfortable because they already knew about where I come from.”

The visit was an opportunity for both students and George to learn about each other with the hopes of gaining perspective of what people from different parts of the world encounter in schools each day.

“All around the world students are the same,” said George. “They are so innocent and loving. Wherever I go I don’t see much difference in kids. They have the same attitude.”

With the success of the day, students and administration at Rodriguez are looking to see how they can remain involved in the exchange program.

“We hope to have the opportunity to participate in the professionals exchange program again,” said Traci Gonzalez, principal at Rodriguez. It was a great experience for us and our students to have.”


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