Revamp to HCISD Mobile App: Further Connecting the Community


The Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District is offering a newly revamped HCISD Mobile Application this summer to include a wider range of services on a mobile-friendly platform, further facilitating the flow of information to parents and students.

This revamp will open the district app to new services such as automated messaging, parent access to student-specific information, teacher to parent/student communication, calendars, and social media updates.

The new mobile app was introduced to a joyous group of teachers and staff at the district’s Kickoff Celebration.

“The ongoing communication between teachers, students, and staff that this newly revamped mobile app offers, is unprecedented at HCISD. Our district can now offer further opportunities for parents and students to stay connected in their academic progress,” said Dr. Cavazos.

This platform will also facilitate communication between teachers and students in that, as soon as all the features are rolled out, teachers will have the ability to contact students and parents with important reminders or information on academic progress. Also, once all the components are in place, parents will be able to keep track of student grades and attendance in real-time simply by logging in through the app.

“I’m glad that once the app is fully implemented, I will have the option to turn on an alert that will notify me if my child’s grade ever drops below a certain level,” said Tammy Schmidt-Swope, Instructional Facilitator for Austin Elementary.

“This app will make it much easier to keep track of my grades, so I can make sure that I maintain my GPA high as I apply for scholarships and colleges this year,” said Levi Dominguez, Senior at Harlingen High School.

The HCISD Mobile Application, which can be downloaded for free on iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets, allows users to subscribe to their campus feed, set up alerts, look up campus information and check the latest in district news and events.

In order to make a smooth transition to the new HCISD Mobile App, the district has decided to turn on the full range of capabilities separately and in succession throughout the 2014-2015 school year.

“We want to make certain that everything is running smoothly in order to offer the community the best user experience possible,” said Superintendent Dr. Art Cavazos “Our departments are doing a great job in working together to bring this new offering to the community.”

The mobile application aligns with the district’s goal to increase the efficiency of communication between teachers, parents, and students to achieve the district’s goal of meeting all students’ educational needs.

The new app is available for download on the Apple store and Google Play Store. It can be found in the stores by searching for “HCISD” or “Harlingen CISD.”

To download from the Apple Store click here.

To download from the Android Market Place click here.

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