Person of the Week: Meeks shares student achievement across the web


When you scroll down the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District’s Facebook page, then you’ve probably asked yourself “who is Aida Meeks?”

The question arises because day after day Meeks can be found sharing positive messages on each post throughout the social media page. She is so active, that she was recently given an honorary social media award by the district’s communications department in recognition of her status as the  “top contributor” on HCISD’s Facebook page.

“If I ever see a HCISD story or anything that has to do with the students, I have to congratulate them,” said Meeks. “I like to share their stories.”

Formerly a resident of North Carolina, Meeks also enjoys sharing district stories because she wants to let those in her former community know about the quality of students present in Harlingen, she said.

“I want to put the word out there that we have talented students and athletes in Harlingen,” said Meeks. “There are opportunities out there, and I think if I share their stories maybe a college recruiter or talent scout will see.”

Although she may hold the title as top contributor, she encourages the community to post words of encouragement for all student success stories.

“I want everyone to know that they need to support our students,” said Meeks. “They are our future. They are gold to us.”

When not supporting students online, she’s encouraging them in the classrooms as a substitute teacher. She has been to every campus at the district, and appreciates each day when she can go out and assist teachers in any way, she said. She also volunteers at many of the events at the district, both extracurricular and academic related.

“I take any opportunity I can to volunteer,” said Meeks. “ I love doing it. The enthusiasm you see from the students makes it all worth it.”

If Meeks is not providing words of encouragement on Facebook or helping teachers in needs, she is taking graduate courses at the University of Texas at Brownsville. With her field of study focused on Dual Language Education.

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