People of the Week: Lugo and Munoz support students inside and outside the classroom


Best friends for almost ten years, Rosemary Lugo and Ninfa Munoz have dedicated their days to cheering on the students of the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District both inside and outside the classroom.

Both Lugo and Munoz are Child Nutrition Managers for HCISD. Although at different campuses, Lugo serves at Austin Elementary School and Munoz serves at Vela Middle School, they share the mission of ensuring that students are served healthy meals each day that allow them to succeed in the classroom.

By being the first face that most students see in the morning, they also get to watch student progress from their first to last days at the campus.

“We get to see the same kids every day,” said Munoz. “We know them by their first name and watch them grow up. When they leave, they do remember us. There are some that when we see them will invite us to their weddings and graduation. It makes us proud to hear what they are doing.”

Lugo and Munoz’s support for students doesn’t end when the school bell rings. Students, parents and community members can also find them selling tickets at the entrance of almost every district sporting event. For over 15 years, the duo has gone straight from the cafeteria to the football, soccer or baseball field to cheer the athletes of HCISD to victory.

“Rain or shine, we are always out there,” said Lugo. “We love it. We are there before any one, including the athletes, arrive and don’t leave until everyone is gone. We cheer on the team as they walk in. Middle school and high school, we cheer for them all. If any one asks us what team we are cheering for, we will just say Harlingen. We don’t pick sides ”

Throughout those over 15 years, the duo has met countless people from all of the campuses. The constant conversations and greetings are one of their favorite parts about working so many games, Munoz said.

“We get to meet and greet a lot of people,” said Munoz. “They get to know us by name. Sometimes, they’ll even bring us snacks or drinks. It’s like we have our own fans.”

When Lugo and Munoz aren’t watching, they are active participants in the district’s softball league. Much like their students, they find themselves inviting the players they support to come out and watch them, Lugo said. They also enjoy spending time with their biggest supporters, their families.

With smiles on their faces everyday, there is no stopping them from making sure that every player at HCISD has a fan in the stands. Lugo and Munoz have been members of the HCISD family for 30 and 20 years, respectively.

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  1. What a pleasure it is to work with these Ladies. They are absolutely the VERY BEST!!!!!

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