Harlingen High School, Harlingen South students shine at national speech tournament











Harlingen High School South and Harlingen High School competed at the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions in Nebraska earlier this month and impressed the community with their outstanding success.   

Harlingen High School students Gabriella Celine Garza and Joe Adams competed in duet acting, bringing home an impressive third place award. The duo was among the top finalists out of more than 100 teams competing from school districts around the country.  

Harlingen High School South Senior John Duncan won the perfect performance award for being the top individual speaker out of 875 students. This prestigious award acknowledges the student with the most speaking points accumulated throughout the entire tournament.  

With 217 schools across the nation present at the competition, Harlingen South was an ACT III nominee and earned 4th place sweepstakes in the largest sweepstakes category. 

Other results for Harlingen High School South are as follows: 

John Duncan: Champion in humorous interpretation out of 154 students
Natalie Perez and John Duncan:  5th place in duo interpretation out of 118 duo teams 

Kole Kibler and John Duncan: 9th place in duet acting out of 106 teams 

Quarter-finalists (Top 30):
Jose Decilos: Program oral interpretation
Anell McDaniel: Dramatic interpretation  

Octa-finalists (Top 60):
Levi Ince and Aaron Blount: Duet acting
Aaron Blount: Dramatic interpretation
Levi Ince and Kole Kibler: Duo interpretation
Anell McDaniel and Lauren Ponce: Duo interpretation
Joseph Decilos: Dramatic interpretation  

Results for Harlingen High School are as follows: 

Gabriella Celine Garza and Joe Adams: 3rd place in duet acting 

Quarter Finalists (Top 30):
Gabriella Celine Garza and Gabriela Rae Garza: Duo interpretation  

Octa-finalists (Top 60):
Carolina Villanueva and Tristan Flores: Duo interpretation
Benjamin Trevino and Nativity Poe: Duo interpretation
Carolina Villanueva and Tristan Flores: Duet acting
Madison Myers and Gabriela Rae Garza: Duet acting

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