Middle school bands earn top marks at All City Band Audition

The middle school band students of Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District left their mark at the middle school All City Band Auditions.

A total of 94 chairs were awarded to 7th and 8th grade students from Vernon Middle School, Gutierrez Middle School, Coakley Middle School, Vela Middle School, and Memorial Middle School.

Students that were awarded chairs in the All City Band will perform at the Harlingen Municipal Auditorium on Nov. 20 at 6:00 p.m.

Melanie Kulaga will serve as conductor.


HCISD 2012 All City Band Members


Evalyne Ramirez, 8th gr., Vernon

Shian De Leon, 8th gr., Vernon

Zoe Reyna, 7th gr., Vernon

Elyshia Vasquez, 7th gr., Gutierrez

Samantha Flores, 8th gr., Coakley

Ellie Osborne, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Neida Razo, 8th gr., Vela

Gabby Rodriguez, 8th gr., Vernon

Carlota Cruz, 8th gr., Vernon

Amber Garcia, 8th gr., Memorial



Micaela Garza, 8th gr., Coakley

Jordan Meza, 8th gr., Gutierrez



Noe Munoz, 8th gr., Vernon

Aubrey Villanueva, 8th gr., Vela

Alan Mauney, 8th gr., Vela



Anaid Hernandez, 8th gr., Vernon

Sofia Molina, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Julissa Rodriguez, 8th gr., Memorial

Natalie De La Cruz, 7th gr., Vernon

Janeellei Vergara, 8th gr., Coakley

Valerie Martinez, 8th gr., Vela

Vanessa Lozano, 7th gr., Vela

Salma De Leon, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Clarissa De La Rosa, 8th gr., Vernon

Ernesto Asebedo, 8th gr., Vernon

Maddy Moreno, 8th gr., Vela

Camryn Martinez, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Jade Lewis, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Alex Martinez, 8th gr., Coakley

Ashley Martinez, 8th gr., Coakley

Anyssa Gonzales, 8th gr., Memorial


Alto Clarinet

Lauren Hernandez, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Krysta Sanchez, 8th gr., Memorial

Bass Clarinet

Bernadette Villarreal, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Deisy Cardiel, 8th gr., Vernon

Jessica Hernandez, 8th gr., Vernon

Contra Alto Clarinet

Aissa Longoria, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Alto Saxophone

Karen Tamez, 8th gr., Coakley

Jesus Rodriguez, 7th gr., Vernon

Jacob Fraga, 7th gr., Vela

Aaron Zapata, 7th gr., Vernon

Marcus Cordero, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Danielle Gonzalez, 8th gr., Memorial


Tenor Saxophone

Vivian Lopez, 8th gr., Vernon

Ethan Spindle, 8th gr., Memorial


Baritone Saxophone

Josue Ayala, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Aaron Morin, 7th gr., Coakley


Devon Garza, 8th gr., Coakley

Abram Alaniz, 8th gr., Vernon

Lucas Rivas, 8th gr., Vela

Rogelio Trevino, 8th gr., Memorial

Allyson Gaytan, 7th gr., Vela

Norman Torres, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Devin Porras, 8th gr., Vernon

Ryan Robledo, 7th gr., Vela

Justis Morales, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Alayna Villarreal, 7th gr., Vela


French Horn

Elizabeth Pearcy, 8th gr., Vela

Daniel Ruiz, 8th gr., Vela

Sammy Infante, 8th gr., Vernon

Amanda Pena, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Ryan Conway, 8th gr., Memorial

Aaron Olivarez, 8th gr., Vela

Stephanie Macias, 7th gr., Memorial

Derick Poblete, 8th gr., Coakley



Cristian Palacios, 8th gr., Vela

Adrian Gallegos, 8th gr., Coakley

Marco Hernandez, 8th gr., Memorial

Rick Martinez, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Isaiah Cavazos, 8th gr., Memorial

Mathew Gonzalez, 7th gr., Coakley

Bryan Flores, 8th gr., Memorial

Adam Reyna, 8th gr., Gutierrez



Elias Sifuentes, 8th gr., Vernon

Jose Valadez, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Joe Gonzalez, 8th gr., Vernon

Nicholas Tapia, 8th gr., Coakley

Alex Conde, 8th gr., Coakley

Christopher Eufracio, 8th gr., Gutierrez



Joseph Perez, 8th gr., Memorial

Leo Fernandez, 8th gr., Gutierrez

Adrian Huerta, 8th gr., Vernon

Ricardo Reyes, 8th gr., Vernon

Elias Sauceda, 7th gr., Vela

Mathew Yanez, 8th gr., Coakley



Ian De Jesus, 8th gr., Coakley

Mariela Ramirez, 8th gr., Vernon

Tristan Strubhart, 8th gr., Vela

Alberto Rodriguez, 8th gr., Coakley

Isaac Alvarado, 8th gr., Vernon

Ricardo Gonzales, 8th gr., Memorial

James Galvan, 8th gr., Memorial

Jesse Izquierdo, 7th gr., Vela

Jesus Gonzalez, 8th gr., Gutierrez

One thought on “Middle school bands earn top marks at All City Band Audition

  1. Gutierrez: 21 chairs
    Vela:18 chairs
    Coakley: 16 chairs
    Memorial: 15 chairs
    Vernon: 24 chairs

    way to go middle school bands!

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