Long Elementary students captivate audience with technology-infused biomes


Using sound effects and colorful displays that reached from the ceiling to the floor, fourth-grade students captured the attention of curious students.

Young presenters transported their audience to diverse habitats around the world without ever leaving the classroom. A student audience from pre-k through third-grade learned about the different biomes around the world like the tundra, ocean, desert, and the rainforest.

Infusing their projects with technology by using different applications on their iPads, presenters created QR codes so the audience could experience the sound of the animals in their natural environment. They also designed picture collages to show the animals in their habitats and constructed graphic organizers to show the food chains in their environments.

“We used apps like Pic Collage and Kidspiration that we use for other projects and learning activities in our digital classroom,” says fourth-grade teacher Camille Cavazos. “It was a great learning experience and the students did an amazing job.”

Cavazos says that by using project-based learning her students can learn by doing rather than just reading or listening to the lesson.

“I am so happy with the end product because they put so much into it. They took ownership of their learning, and they wanted to do more,” says Cavazos. “Creating their biomes and bringing in extra things like incorporating cupcakes into their presentations was something that they planned themselves. They came together and collaborated to get the grade that they wanted.”

Along with learning about biomes, the students developed teamwork, time management and creativity skills through this project.

“I learned that you can accomplish anything as a team,” says fourth-grade student Keila Dinn. “Our teacher helped guide us in our project and kept us on top of our deadlines. It was a lot of fun.”

Students went above and beyond with their presentations and at the elementary level are already learning and practicing skills needed to be college and career ready.

This project was made possible by a $2,000 grant awarded to Cavazos earlier this year through the Unsung Heros program by Voya Financial.



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