HS band members earn spots in Region 28 ensembles


HHS Region 28_2
HHS and Cano (Navy) Region 28 Band Members
South Region 28_3
South and Cano (Gold) Region 28 Band Members

Over 60 members of the Harlingen High School, Harlingen High School South, and Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman Academy (Navy and Gold) bands were recently named to one of the Region 28 bands. The students auditioned at HHS last Saturday with hundreds of student musicians from Brownsville to Donna.

They will perform at the Region 28 Band Concert at the Performing Arts Center on December 12 at 7:00 P.M. It will feature the finest high school musicians from across the Valley.

The Region 28 Orchestra Concert will also be held at the Performing Arts Center on November 22 at 5:30 P.M.

See a list of results for both high schools below.



Deborah Rodriguez (12) Honors Band Flute

Patsy Deleon (12) Symphonic Band Flute

Vikki Garza (11) Symphonic Band Flute

Amberley Guevara (11) District Patch Eb Clarinet

Jannet Gamez (11) Honors Band Bb Clarinet

Clarissa De la Rosa (10) District Patch Bb Clarinet

Amanda Olivarez (12) District Patch Bb Clarinet

Anaid Hernandez (10) Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet

Sophia Molina (10) Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet

Ernesto Asebedo (10) Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet

Amber Vela (11) Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet

Aaron Balboa (11) Honors Band Alto Clarinet

Gilberto Cardenas (12) Honors Band Bass Clarinet

Deisy Cardiel (10) Symphonic Band Bass Clarinet

Ulyssa Rios (11) District Patch Contra-Bass

Bianca Garza (12) Honors Band Contra-Bass

Noe Muñoz (10) Honors Band Bassoon

Emily Aragus (10) District Patch Bassoon

Yesmarily Lopez (11) District Patch Alto Saxophone

Ethan Spindle (10) District Patch Tenor Saxophone

Debbie Bearden (11) District Patch Tenor Saxophone

Devin Porras (10) District Patch Cornet/Trumpet

Rogelio Trevîno (10) Symphonic Band Cornet/Trumpet

Krystal Moya (11) Symphonic Band Cornet/Trumpet

Ernesto Rojas III (12) District Patch Cornet/Trumpet

Alejandro Leal (12) Honors Band F Horn

Amanda Peña (10) Symphonic Band F Horn

Jaedon Wynn (11) District Patch F Horn

Phillip Magallanes (12) District Patch F Horn

Zaid Hernandez District (10) Patch Tenor Trombone

Christian Flores (12) Honors Band Euphonium

Joe Gonzalez (10) Symphonic Band Euphonium

Manuel Garcia (12) District Patch Euphonium

Gerardo Cano (11) Honors Band Tuba

Joseph Perez (10) Honors Band Tuba

Renee Garza (11) Symphonic Band Tuba

Jose Godinez (11) District Patch Percussion

Ricky Gonzales (10) District Patch Percussion

Ben Robles (11) Symphonic Band Percussion

Hector Balderas (11) Honors Band String Bass



Cole Alex (11) Honor Band Alto Sax

Michael Cantu (12) District Alto Sax

Ivan Rodriguez (12) Honors Band Oboe

Breanna Ybarra (12) Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet

Marissa Martinez (11) Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet

Ashley Martinez (10) Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet

Jazmin Sanchez (12) District Band Bb Clarinet

Jasmine Pizano (11) Honors Band Alto Clarinet

Kristina Hernandez (11) Symphonic Band Bass Clarinet

Christian Palacios (10) District Band Trombone

Vik Alvarez (12) Symphonic Band Tuba

Ryan Mowers (11) Honors Band All-State Jazz member

Anthony Perez (11) Honors Band Trumpet

Brandon Cabrera (12) Symphonic Trumpet

Brandon O’Donahue (11) Symphonic Trumpet

Miguel Teran (11) Honors French Horn

Milton Rodriguez (11) Honors French Horn

Noe Martinez (12) Symphonic French Horn

Daniel Ruiz (10) District French Horn

Adam Hood (11) District French Horn




Zoe Reyna (9) Honors Band Flute

Jesus Rodriguez (9) Honors Band Alto Saxophone

Kassandra Gonzales (9) District Patch Euphonium

Celestino Gallegos (9) Honors Band String Bass



Kevin Perez (9) Symphonic Band Contra-Clarinet

Nicolas Tapia (9) Symphonic Band Euphonium

Elias SiFuentes (9) District Band Euphonium

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