High-school musicians qualify for UIL State Solo and Ensemble Contest

High-school musicians competed at the Region 28 Solo and Ensemble competition on Jan. 20.

With their outstanding performances, select students advanced to the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest. Students were required to perform in front of judges and receive a first division rating to qualify.

State qualifiers will have the chance to showcase their musical talents and compete against the best student-musicians at the State contest to be held at the University of Texas on Saturday, May 26.


[acc_item title=”Harlingen High School Orchestra – State Qualifiers (click to expand)”]

Jewelie Lujan (10), Violin
Ariana Castillo (10), Violin
Kate Scaief (11), Violin
Sarah Flores (12), Cello
Matthew Garcia (11), Viola
Claudia Reyes (12)

Sarah Flores (12) and Matthew Garcia (11)



[acc_item title=”Harlingen High School South Band – State Qualifiers (click to expand)”]

Everado Flores (10), Flute
Ethan Gonzalez (9), Alto Sax
Victoria Wells (11), Flute
Jazlyn Rodriguez (10), Flute
Jacob Rodriguez (9), Trombone
Yasmin Cantu (10), Baritone
Jonathan Navarette (12), Clarinet
Catherine Duncan (10), Flute
Kevin Perez (12), Bass Clarinet
Mathew Gonzalez (12), Bass trombone
Mia Sanchez (11), French Horn
Cassidy O’Rear (9), Clarinet
Saul Velez (11), Trombone
Maya Wilson (10), Clarinet
Daphne Olvera (12), Clarinet
Nick Tapia (12), Baritone
Victoria Romo (11), Marimba
Brian Ruelas (11), Marimba
Kara LeMarr (10), Marimba
Gilbert Guaderrama (10), Snare Drum
Rachel Hood (11), Marimba

Clarinet Quartet:
Jonathan Navarette (12), Cassidy O’Rear (9), Kevin Perez (12), and Maya Wilson (10)

Flute Trio:
Catherine Duncan (10), Victoria Wells (11), and Jazlyn Rodriguez (10)



[acc_item title=”Harlingen High School South Choir – State Qualifiers (click to expand)”]

David Alvarez (10), Bass
Michelle Andrade (9), Soprano
Rodrigo Arellano (12), Tenor
Clarissa Benavides (12), Soprano
Donna Sahara (12), Mezzo-Soprano
Gabriella Garza (10), Mezzo-Soprano
Jared Gonzales (12), Bass
Janae Gonzales (11), Soprano
Jesus Hernandez (11), Bass
Eric Lopez (11), Tenor
Noel Lopez (11), Bass
Madelynn Maldonado (11), Soprano
Adonai Martinez (10), Soprano
Starla Mendoza (10), Mezzo-Soprano
Luis Munoz (10), Baritone
Sarah Ramos (12), Soprano
Edith Rodriguez (10), Mezzo-Soprano
Rmada Salinas (12), Mezzo-Soprano
Angela Soto (12), Mezzo-Soprano
Monica Villarreal (10), Soprano


[acc_item title=”Harlingen High School South Orchestra – State Qualifiers (click to expand)”]

James Abbott (9), Violin
Isela Cruz (12), Viola
Erika Hernandez (12) Piano
Jamie Hockaday (12), Viola
Matthew Moore (12), Violin
Isaiah Valdez (11), Cello
Destini Villarreal (12), Cello
Hailey Welch (10), Violin




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