HHSS Speech, Drama, Debate take awards at two tournaments


This past weekend Harlingen High School South Speech Drama and Debate divided their team but not the accolade as they shined at both the Harlingen High School Texas Forensics Association (TFA) Tournament and the University of Texas Long Horn Classic.

Overall, the team earned a fourth place sweepstakes title out of 123 schools at the UT Longhorn Classic and a first place sweepstakes award at the HHS tournament.

From the UT Longhorn Classic, Matthew Cannon and partner Sawyer Warrenberg placed 3rd in Duo Interpretation and advanced to the semi-finals in Dramatic and Humorous Interpretation. Cannon was named 10th overall top speaker at the tournament out of 1,043 total competitors.

Individually, Warrenberg also placed 6th in Humorous Interpretation. Christopher Esparza and Paige Robles placed 4th in Humorous and Duo Interpretation. Robles took 3rd place overall in Prose Interpretation and was named 8th overall top speaker out of 1, 034 competitors.

Jann Soto qualified to participate in the Tournament of Champions in Extemporaneous Speaking in May 2014 by advancing to the Semi-Finals in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking. Rebecca Pockrus placed 5th in Prose Interpretation, and 8th in Duo Interpretation with partner Matthew Almaguer. Individually, Almaguer placed 8th out of 137 in Dramatic Interpretation.

From the HHS TFA Tournament, Sarah Cano placed 3rd in Domestic Extamporaneous Speaking and 5th in Dramatic Interpretation. Sofia Cuellar placed 2nd in Duet Acting with partner Amanda DelRio. DelRio also placed 4th in Dramatic Interpretation. McKayla Davis placed 1st in Dramatic Interpretation, 1st in Duet Acting with partner William Ernst, and 2nd in Varsity Poetry. Respectively, Ernst placed 6th in Dramatic Interpretation, as well. Jessica Durant took 5th place in Duo Interpretation with partner Josh Garcia. Collin Flemmons placed 2nd in Domestic Extemporaneous, 2nd in student congress, 2nd in Lincoln Douglas Debate, and 4th in Oratory. Leslie Garcia placed 2nd in Original Oratory and 2nd in Duo Interpretation with Jeremy Marquez. Marquez placed 6th in Humorous Interpretation, as well.

Angela Gonzalez took 7th in Novice Poetry. Krista Guttierez placed 8th in Humorous Interpretation and 2nd in Duet Acting with Cuellar. Maddie Garza placed 8th in Novice Extemporaneous Speaking. Ezequiel Herrera took 3rd in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate. Kurt Hoelscher placed 1st in Domestic Extemporaneous and 1st in Public Forum Debate with partner Miriam Perez. Perez also placed 7th in Foreign Extemporaneous, and 5th in Original Oratory. Alex Ochoa placed 7th in Domestic Extemporaneous.  Adam Pena placed 1st in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate as well as 5th in Novice Extemporaneous. Respectively, Anthony Randazo placed 2nd in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate and 5th in Student Congress.

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