HCISD Board of Trustees selects name, colors and mascot for district’s new medical profession high school


Students at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District are one step closer to beginning their school year at a campus aimed at giving them a head start on a career in medicine.

During their regular meeting on Dec. 10, the HCISD Board of Trustees approved the Phoenix as a mascot and teal and gold with white trim as the school colors for the new medical high school, which is set to open in Fall 2014. The mascot and colors will accompany the school name, Harlingen School of Health Professions.

“With the selection of the name, mascot and colors for our new medical high school, comes the reminder that there is much work still ahead to ensure that our students receive a quality medical focused curriculum,” said Superintendent Dr. Arturo Cavazos. “I commend the campus’ Identity Committee and our Board of Trustees for their work in the process and look forward to seeing the opportunities the school will bring for students at HCISD.”

The selection was based on a combined effort between the Board of Trustees and the Campus Identity Committee for the new medical campus. The committee was charged with investigating alternatives for the campus color(s), mascot and name. Subsequently, the committee presented all options to the Board of Trustees for consideration and final decision.

“I thank the School of Health Professions Identity Committee and our Board of Trustees for their dedication and commitment to selecting these important pieces of our campus,” said Principal Tina Garza. “These pieces will impact our students’ futures as they embark on a journey to begin an education in medicine and puts us closer to opening our doors next fall.”

The campus, located at 2302 N. 21st Street will feature a curriculum geared towards placing students on career paths for medical professions including doctors, nurses and medical technicians. To narrow their medical focus, students will have the opportunity to choose from one of six areas of medicine to study. Areas of study include The School of Pharmacology/Biomedical Technology, The School of Dental Science, The School of Patient Care, The School of Medical Science Research, The School of Sports Medicine and The School of Surgical Procedure.

The school will serve 500 – 600 students in proposed grades 8 – 12. During its initial year, the campus will enroll eighth and ninth grade students and introduce a new grade level each proceeding year.

HCISD will fund the $13.9 million project through the Qualified School Construction Bonds program. This program allows school districts to obtain interest-free or very low interest financing. The School district would pay these bonds through its maintenance and operations budget.

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