HHS students selected to work with NASA Engineers


Austin Wright and Quentin Hale, juniors at Harlingen High School, are being recognized for their work in the engineering field by having the opportunity to work with the nations leaders in space exploration.

Wright and Hale were selected to participate in a special workshop this summer at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Their selection comes as part of their participation in the Texas High School Aerospace Scholars (THAS) program. The workshop is a six-day internship where selected students are encouraged to study math, science, engineering, or computer science by interacting with engineers at NASA.

Those selected will also be able to separate into teams and collaborate with participants from across Texas.

“I enjoy it because it has an engineering background,” said Wright. “I see myself going into that field. When we go there, we are designing a Mars colony. I’m interested in being a part of that and seeing the ways we come up with to accomplish our task.”

The students were one of 200 selected to participate in the workshop, and were chosen out of an initial 463 participants. The selection was based on their previous performance on the online portion of the THAS program.

“It definitely took a good amount of time, but it was an enriching experience,” said Hale. “It felt good to be selected. It was a validation of the hard work that was put into it.”

Throughout the five-month long online portion, students participated in interactive modules. The modules were in the form of problems, and were designed to replicate issues NASA engineers are presented with every day.

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