HHS and South students unite to build tiny home

Students from Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South will soon be working together to build, market, and sell a tiny home.

“As the district continues its devoted endeavor of providing innovative learning opportunities for our students,” Director of Career and Technology Education Raul Alvarez said. “The Career and Technical Education program developed the Tiny Homes Project as a means to contribute to this objective.”

Students in the Apprenticeship Academy, which includes architecture, carpentry, electrical, HVAC, welding, masonry, and plumbing will be involved in putting together the interior and exterior of the house.

Construction will begin at Harlingen South and, the trailer will travel back and forth between campuses as the project progresses towards completion.

“It’s kind of like a puzzle; we are going to put it all together,” Harlingen South Construction Technology teacher Hector Tijerina said. “We are going to do the floor and from there we are going to do the exterior walls and the ceiling. After that gets done, it gets sent to Harlingen High School. They are going to do the wiring, and then send it back so we can do the interior walls. It’s going to be going back and forth, but everybody is going to have a part in this. It’s a good hands-on opportunity for the students.”

Business Academy and Media Arts and Communications Academy students will also take part in the tiny home project. They will help capture the experience and help promote its sale once it is completed.

Superintendent Dr. Alicia Noyola spoke to students at the South campus who were there to kick of the start of the tiny home project.

“This is how we take our Career and Technical program, things that we do here in our school district, and bring them to life,” Dr. Noyola said. “We don’t have enough time in a school year to build a whole house, but we can do a tiny house. We can give you that experience of what it feels like to work with others towards a common project. So, I am super excited. I can’t wait until we can actually step foot into that home as opposed to stepping foot onto this trailer. I hope this experience is like no other. So go at it, and give it your very best.”

Board member Dr. Belinda Reininger shared her excitement for this project.

“I think you are going to do amazing things and I know for sure, without a doubt, that what you learn in putting this tiny home together you will use in your future,” Dr. Reininger said. “I don’t know how you will use it, but I know you will. It’s going to make you a stronger, better, more collaborative, more communicative person. Congratulations for being a part of it.”

Harlingen High School senior Adrian Garza was excited to begin the process.

“I have been waiting since the beginning of the year for this,” Garza said. “I am most excited to put up the frame of the house, and just putting the whole thing together.”

Harlingen High School sophomore Janises Uribe could not wait to see the final product.

“We are going to be in charge of building it from the ground up,” Uribe said. “I feel excited. I just feel that this is something I will look back on and be proud of.”

District business and industry partners will serve as a system of support for students and teachers along the journey of this project.

“The city of Harlingen building inspector has graciously offered to inspect our student’s work at pivotal points and several of our local general contractors have offered to do the same,” Alvarez said. “We want to complete this project in a timely manner, but we also want to ensure that we take the proper time to complete it in accordance to set standards and code as someone will one day call it home.”







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