Breaking Ground: UTRGV and HCISD partner to build new campus on property provided by City of Harlingen

With a focus on expanding partnerships and educational opportunities for students, City of Harlingen, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and Harlingen CISD have collaborated on an exciting venture, spanning thousands of square feet. 

The three collaborating partners announced, on Thursday, Feb. 28, the opening of a new UTRGV/ECHS campus in Harlingen. With an expected completion date of February 2021, this campus will be the new housing site for hundreds of Early College High School students. This marks Phase 1 for UTRGV’s baccalaureate programming presence in Harlingen.

“In Harlingen, we are committed to putting students at the front of the line of opportunities,” said HCISD Superintendent Dr. Art Cavazos. “This project defines the goals we have set for not only our district, but for our community and generations of college-bound students to come. I could not think of a better time or a better place for this to happen.”

ECHS provides students an authentic college learning experience. Under the guidance of UTRGV professors, ECHS students earn up to 60 hours of college credit by the time they graduate high school.

Through a partnership with an accredited university, ECHS students graduate high school with their academic core or are on a fast track towards careers in engineering, computer science, and education. By selecting collegiate pathways they are passionate about, students save time and money while developing successful study habits.

“We want UTRGV to be a university for the entire valley, and our partnership with Harlingen CISD is a great example of that,” said UTRGV President Guy Bailey. “We are excited about expanding our partnership with the Early College High School, and we look forward to other collaborations that will benefit Harlingen students and their families.”

UTRGV is working with the City of Harlingen to secure the building site of the campus, featuring classroom space and teaching labs. 

“A prosperous community is one that works together,” said Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell. “In Harlingen, we unite to support the youth of our community and equip them with the skills they need to be successful, which is in keeping with HCISD’s commitment to graduate students college, career, and community ready.”

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