Harlingen CISD unveiled its new testing center in December as part of its commitment to provide students with the opportunities and resources necessary to prepare them for college and their careers. 

HCISD students will no longer have to wait and travel to out of town testing sites to take college entrance and certification exams. The school district celebrated the opening of our HCISD Testing Center, a unique facility that ensures students have direct access to becoming certified in careers of their choice, during a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

“For us, this is a very exciting time. There will be no wait between the time students say, ‘I’m ready to test,” and when they can sit in the testing center and take an exam,” said HCISD Chief Academic Officer Dr. Alicia Noyola. 

Harlingen CISD graduates students college, career, and community ready by preparing them for their futures through strategically crafted curriculum and programs. 

It’s why the district created its Academies, educational programming and pathways offered to high school students.  

Through its academies, students may obtain industry certifications. The testing center allows students to pass exams necessary to become certified. 

“This is a game-changer,” said HCISD Superintendent Dr. Art Cavazos. “We want to open our testing center to other school districts so those students aren’t waiting in line to take their test. We’re one region, one community, and we want everybody to learn and aspire.” 

Visit to learn more about HCISD’s certification opportunities. 

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