HCISD hosts quinceañera empowerment conference

With the generous support from a $20,000 grant awarded by The Raul Tijerina Jr. Foundation, the Multi-Language Department at Harlingen CISD held “The Power of La Quinceañera,” a conference to empower freshman female emergent bilingual learners as they celebrated their 15th birthdays.

The event took place on May 11, 2023, from noon to 5:00 p.m., at Dr. Cano Freshman Academy.

This unique conference provided 96 quinceañeras with an opportunity for reflection, growth, and planning for the future.

The conference was a celebration of cultural traditions, but with a twist. The event’s purpose was to prepare our students with the awareness, skills, and value of embracing one’s growth to be successful in their personal and educational futures.

“The most important success was the ability to witness these young ladies’ transformation throughout the sessions and feel safe to be themselves and be proud to be bilingual. We hope this becomes an annual celebration for our girls,” said Mrs. Norma G. Garcia, Director of Multi-Language.

Wearing matching shirts and tiaras, the quinceañeras participated in various activities led by Dr. ET & Company. These consisted of breakout sessions, a hands-on project, dance breaks, selfie stations, raffles, and a parent session at the end.

Topics discussed in breakout sessions included self-esteem, confidence, overcoming obstacles, goal setting for present and future, and post-secondary education, among others.

Dr. ET acted as the keynote speaker and the Madrina de Honor alongside other madrinas, Alma Rock, Grant Writer Madrina, Noelia Garza, Specialist Madrina, Edelmira Sanchez, Instructional Coach Madrina, Imelda Trevino, Principal Madrina, Norma G. Garcia, Director of Multi-Language Madrina, Ida Ambriz, Director of Accounting Madrina, Rachel Cortez, Human Services Madrina, and other district leaders.

This quinceañera celebration was more than a pink dress; it was an opportunity to impact young girls and remind them that they matter, that they are good enough, and that they can achieve success. ¡Que sí se puede!

Harlingen CISD and the Multi-Language Department express their gratitude to The Raul Tijerina Jr. Foundation for their support and for making this conference a reality.