HCISD Highlights: KHAN Academy

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Students at Vela Middle School are using technology to advance their education beyond the ordinary classroom setting by the use of a new online program.

KHAN Academy is an online program that offers over 3,000 free instructional videos for all grade levels. Topics ranging from history to finance are available on devices such as their computer, smart phone or tablet.

The activities are designed after video games to engage the students. Students earn points by answering questions related to the certain topics. As points are accumulated, they can redeem them to unlock new levels and avatars.

It’s a completely customized self-paced learning tool for students. They can measure their progress with a custom profile that visually shows what lessons have been completed.

Vela is one of campuses at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District utilizing the online educational tool. Students, teachers, and administration for Khan Academy are displaying much enthusiasm. Khan Academy is available to all HCISD schools.

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  1. Being able to learn at a pace that is most comfortable for you is a method that websites such as Khan or embrace.

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