HCISD chess teams make the right moves at region competition


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Early College High School chess team


On Jan. 25 and Jan. 26, many schools throughout the valley competed at the Region VIII Chess tournament in Brownsville at Veterans Memorial High School. Chess teams from HCISD had outstanding results throughout the academic competition.

From Sam Houston Elementary, Julian Gonzalez placed 11th and Malachi Cabrera placed 34th in the Kinder – 1st division. In the K-3 JV division, Jazmin Olivares, Maxx Pérez and Diego Jimenez placed 31st, 35th and 39th, respectively. Michael Casas placed eighth,  Gianelli Serrano placed 12th and Albert Nieto placed 32nd  in the Primary Championship division. From the Elementary Junior Varsity, Brianna Jaure placed ninth. Jacob Fox placed third in the Elementary Championship.

As a Team, Gonzalez, Michael Cabrera, Elisha Hughes and Mattias Menses placed 11th in the K-1 Division. Jazmin Olivares, Maxx Perez, Deigo Jiminez, Rory Jiminez, Izabel Vasquez, Massimo Meneses and Trey Stein placed sixth in the K-3 Division. In the K-3 Championship Division, Casas, Serrano, Alvarto Nieto and James Cowan placed sixth. Fox, Carlos De Leon, Serrano, Christian Cruz, Charles Robles, Ernesto Garcia, Ashley Young and Mikayla Garza placed fifth in the K-5 Championship Category.

From Dishman Elementary, Julius Garza, Khalil Lopez, Emiliano Longoria, Destiny Rodriguez, Eleana Villanueva, Pedro Martinez, and Charlie Barba placed 22nd as a team in the Kinder– 1st division. Austin Kennedy, Houston Kennedy, Rafael Cantu, Rolando Barrera, and Miranda Garza were also awarded 13th place in Kinder– 3rd Primary JV division. Receiving a team trophy for 14th place in Kinder– 5th elementary JV team division was Javier Gonzalez, Larry Bolt, Cesar Cortez, Sophia Canchola, Ariana Longoria, and Nathalia Longoria. Out of 281 students participating in this division, individual trophies were awarded to Javier Gonzalez for 23th place, Larry Bolt 35th place and Cesar Cortez 37th place

The Treasure Hills Elementary chess team placed seventeenth in the Elementary Championship division. Aiding in the win were Joshua Escobedo, Nathan R. Perez, Ty Ramirez, and Milind Lalwani.

Coakley Middle School also placed ninth in the Middle School JV division. Contributing to the win and working together, were Amelia Barrera, Jorge Olivares, Jocelyn Galvan, and Jared Garza.

From Vernon Middle School, Xochiel Grandin placed seventh in the Middle School JV division. As a team, Xochiel Grandin, Joshua Mendoza, Nikolas Olvera, and Humberto D. Seija placed eighth for Vernon Middle School in the Middle School JV division

From Harlingen High School South, Oscar Cano placed 18th in the High School Championship division.

Early College High School student, Isaiah Rodriguez placed third, Samuel Kullmer placed fourth, Amadeo Drysdale placed eighth, Vincent Mena placed 16th and Noah Weston placed 20th in the High School Championship JV. The Early College High School chess team received second place in the High School JV division. Assisting the team were Isaiah F. Rodriguez, Samuel C. Kullmer, Amadeo F. Drysdale, and Vincent Mena.

HCISD students competed against nearly 1,600 other competitors in this regional tournament for a chance to head to the state and national competition. The state competition will be held Feb. 8. in Houston.



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  1. Congratulations! Way to go, ECHS! Special thanks to all the coaches/sponsors. Best of luck to all teams this weekend :) Safe travels!

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