Hand sanitizing stations will be installed near school entrances

Hand sanitizer has become an indispensable item during these times.  After being in low stock or out of stock in some areas, it is slowly making its way back to most store shelves just in time for the new school year.

HCISD has ordered 232 portable and refillable hand sanitizing stations that will be distributed to campuses across the district.

Based on guidance from Texas Education Agency and protocols set by HCISD, the school district will have either a hand washing or hand sanitizing station available at the front entrance to every campus and facility. Some foot-pedal activated hand washing stations have already been installed at several elementary campuses in the district. The installation of those systems is still in progress.

“We will ask everyone who enters our buildings to either wash or sanitize their hands upon entering,” Administrator for District Operations, Ken Lee said. “We will distribute these hand sanitizing units to the campuses and facilities. Building administrators will determine the most effective location for deployment since they are portable and moveable.”

These hand sanitizing stations will work with both gel and liquid hand sanitizers.

The school district received 1,980 gallons of liquid hand sanitizer from the state. These will be used to fill and refill hand sanitizing stations.

“The refill stations will be strategically placed throughout the campuses,” Chief Financial Officer, Julio Cavazos said.

Along with the hand sanitizer, the school also received personal protective equipment such as masks, thermometers, and face shields from the state.

“We are planning to distribute all of these items to campuses based on the number of students enrolled at the campus,” Chief Financial Officer, Julio Cavazos said.

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