Gutierrez students paint pictures with words during first Poetry Jam


Gutierrez Middle School students showed off their ability to paint a picture with words during the school’s Poetry Jam on Feb. 21.

A total of 38 students showed off their literary skills in chinquapin, five sense and haiku poetry during the campus’ first poetry event. Judges shared the excitement as Nathan Bauer earned first place, Gabriel Soto earned second, and Grant Burbach and Brandon Burtchell earned third place.

The poetry jam was created after students made poetry portfolios for class. Students were able to select one piece of poetry to perform in their classes, and teachers selected one presenter to be judged at the event.

To compete, students had to pick an appropriate topic and select a type an area of poetry to write in. Throughout the event, the feeling of excitement could be felt across the campus as students expressed their passion for poetry.

3 thoughts on “Gutierrez students paint pictures with words during first Poetry Jam

  1. Congrats to all the students that participated. I heard the event was a big success. Congrats also to the Teachers involved putting it all together. I’m sure there was a lot of work in the background that goes on that folks aren’t aware of. Great job and way to inspire and engage all your students.

  2. Congratulations lil bro . You look like the boss of all these other kids lol. Keep it up man. # Beast mode

  3. Congratulations to all participants. It was a great success! Also, to Ms. Bianca Rodriguez, Mrs. Samantha Hernandez, Coach Gomez and the other judges. You all did a fantastic job….THANK YOU!!!!!

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