For the community by the community: HCISD Board adopts new district strategic plan

“Inspire, engage, empower,” that’s the foundation of the new HCISD strategic plan which was adopted by the Board of Trustees at the regular board meeting on February 14.

The new plan is based on the feedback of more than 4,000 individuals across the community.

After obtaining responses to a community-wide survey, a strategic planning committee was formed.

“Each meeting we had our goal to work on, and after each meeting, every goal got more narrow and more specific,” Texas Regional Bank Senior Vice President and Market President Michele Robinson said. “By being a part of this committee, I got to see that HCISD really has a passion for our children and our community.”

The committee – made up of a diverse group of individuals that included HCISD staff, students, parents, and community members – met over the course of four months to review and discuss the information collected and collaborated to craft the new strategic plan.

“The process of getting feedback and getting the chance to work with other community members within Harlingen was really a neat process,” HCISD Blended Learning Specialist Jessica Hruska said. “We learned a lot from each other, and I think it made our partnerships even stronger.”

The goals in this new strategic plan revolve around five main components: academic achievement and college and career readiness, well-rounded graduates, professional learning and talent management, family engagement, and communication and stakeholder experience.

“This is a plan for the community by the community,” Superintendent Dr. Alicia Noyola said. “The strategic planning process allowed us to dream big, to be innovative, not only for our students but also to meet the needs of our staff, our organization, and our community. This is a plan that will drive our district forward for the next five to seven years, and I am excited to begin developing our action plans that will inspire all learners for a lifetime of success.”

The complete strategic plan which includes the district’s beliefs, call to action, learner outcomes, learner profile, goals, and specific results can be viewed at

“As an employee and a father of four children who will all be attending HCISD, the biggest takeaway for me by being a part of this committee is that it’s inspiring to see how many people are invested in my kids’ future,” Harlingen South Head Tennis coach Ernesto Escamilla said. “It’s very inspiring, and it gives me a lot of hope for our future.”