Educators receive devices for remote teaching and learning

When the school district ordered more than 10,000 new devices for students to prepare for this school year, they thought about the need for technology upgrades for teachers too.

The district ordered 750 new MacBook laptops and 200 Windows laptops for teachers.

This technology will help educators prepare for remote teaching and learning for the 2020-2021 school year.

“Teachers receiving these devices will lead HCISD in building capacity for all our teachers in the district,” Computer Network Specialist, Jaime Reyes said. “With the combination of new devices and the Virtual Teacher Academy training, teachers will be equipped to meet the needs of students through online teaching and learning and face to face instruction when that time comes.”

The Technology Department set up the devices and began distributing the laptops to teachers via curbside pickup on August 11. The devices were distributed to various teachers at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels.

“I will begin a new journey with my new MacBook,” Jefferson Elementary Pre-K teacher, Cynthia Gonzalez said. “With the assistance of Apple specialists and online teacher resources through Apple, I will be able to learn more and create instructional lessons. This new device will inspire me to grow and create differentiated experiences and lessons for my students. I am so excited.”

Device distribution at each level was determined based on the population of student and teacher ratio.

“We are always accessing the need for technology and planning what possible future rollouts there might be,” Reyes said.

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