ECHS author Katelynn Renteria rises as Top Seller

Renteria was recognized by HCISD administration at the July 2016 board meeting.

It has been an eventful summer for Early College High School junior Katelynn Renteria. She has been busy promoting her new spy thriller, “The Other Side of the Law,” which was released in June.

Quickly rising as a Top Seller for Sarah Book Publishing, the novel follows a high-school sophomore with a unique set of skills named Kay Verdant, who carries out dangerous missions to stop criminals in their tracks.

While penning her leading lady, Renteria sought to create a seemingly unimposing character that proves to be anything but.

“I wanted a strong female character who appears average to the rest of the world, but there are little hints of her capabilities and interesting things about her that make her stand out to those close to her,” said Renteria.

Kay Verdant’s story takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself with no choice but to trust a mysterious new ally as an underground tycoon rises to threaten one of the world’s most precious cities. In this exploit, she learns that the line between herself and “The Other Side of the Law” isn’t always so clear.

In addition to becoming a published author, ECHS’ Renteria has taken on the mission of promoting literacy and academics to local students.

This spring, she visited with students at several schools in Harlingen and Los Fresnos to motivate them as they prepared to take the STAAR test. She gave workshops and worked with students on their expository writing, organizing, and outlining.

“I’m very grateful,” said Renteria. “I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the amount of support that I’ve received. My primary goal is to give back to my community by advocating for literacy and academics. I want students to read, get more into studying, and I want to show them the enjoyment that comes from it.”

Renteria has already begun working on the sequel to “The Other Side of the Law.”

“I think this year, I will finish the second book and maybe branch out to another type of genre or character,” she said.

The “Other Side of the Law” is available at,, Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and the KOBO reading app.


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