Continuing to make history: HCISD marks beginnings of medical careers with HSHP Ribbon Cutting


Marking the beginnings of medical careers, the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for Harlingen School of Health Professions on Wednesday, December 17.

Excitement was palpable as students and over 400 members of the community joined in the celebration of the new 302 N. 21st Street location.

Eighth grade student Jacob Harms recalled the first time he entered the building.

“It was amazing the first time I walked into the campus. “It’s spectacular the amount of time, money, and effort that went into the creation of this campus.”

HSHP offers students, eighth through twelfth grade, a rigorous curriculum and the opportunity to begin a career path towards medical professions.

“We are empowering our students to be able to make a difference in the future of healthcare,” said Garza. “I am proud as principal and as a parent at HSHP to lead these young ladies and gentlemen as we prepare them for their future and the future of their community.”

HSHP Principal Tina Garza asked those in attendance to take a moment to look at the student body and in them, see the future doctors, pharmacists, medical researchers, sports medicine therapists, surgeons, and dentists.

“Today marks yet another milestone in our transformational journey as we mark the opening of our newest campus and open up countless opportunities for our students to get a head start in a career in medicine and the medical school process,” said Superintendent Dr. Art Cavazos. “I want to thank the Board of Trustees for their commitment to excellence and their commitment to choice within public schools. By advancing our schools our students remain on the path to global achievement.”

Along with furthering their medical education, students will be able to choose one of six areas of study in their sophomore year to focus on throughout their high school career. Schools of Study include: The School of Pharmacology/Biomedical Technology, The School of Dental Science, The School of Patient Care, The School of Medical Science Research, The School of Sports Medicine, and The School of Surgical Procedures. Students will also have the privilege to work with local medical professionals to observe real-life medical practices.

Though the focus of the event may have been on the new campus, the individuals that worked hard to bring the educational facility fruition were not forgotten. Speakers took time to show their gratitude for the critical role they played in the creation of the campus.

“What happens here today changes public education and expands the educational opportunities that we can afford our students,” said Board President Greg Powers. “It took a collaborative effort of many individuals to achieve what you see here today. We want to thank those members of our community who volunteered their countless hours to participating in design meetings to bring this vision to a reality.”

A reception will also be held for the community on Wednesday, December 17 at 5:30 P.M.

The campus curriculum and mission aligns with the district’s strategic plan. Created through a collaboration between district officials and over 800 Harlingen community members, the plan’s main themes include developing learning environments conducive for collaboration; creating curriculum to fit the individual needs of students; opening specialized and unique schools for students at all levels of education; and to align high school programs with post-secondary endorsements and certification programs for college and career readiness. HCISD Board of Trustees adopted the plan during their regular February 2014 meeting.


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