College Showcase with HHSS’ Top 10 Graduates


“I plan to attend the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and major in Mathematics and Music Performance. I want to pursue a career as a studio musician, and I also plan to get my certification as a band director and a math teacher. I received a scholarship from UTRGV.”
“I will be attending the University of Texas at Austin and major in Mechanical Engineering as well as fulfill prerequisites for medical school. Dedication is very important when pursuing academics and anything in life. When you really want something don’t count the cost just go for it. If you want it that badly, you’ll get it.”
“I plan to attend Texas A&M College Station and major in Chemical Engineering. My uncle is a chemical engineer and my dad is a civil engineer. I have had some experience with my uncle and I really like engineering and chemistry is really fun to learn. As a chemical engineer you can into the petroleum business or different things like nanotechnology which looks at the stuff that goes into your blood stream and also the chemicals that you use on a daily basis. I have a Presidential scholarship from Texas A&M which is spread out for all four years.
“I plan to attend Texas A&M University College Station and major in Civil Engineering with a masters in Mechanical Engineering. I have grown up with uncles who worked in the construction field and I really feel that engineering is where I will excel. I will be receiving several scholarships from Texas A&M and I also got a job offer as an assistant to Texas A&M’s head engineer and architect. This will help pay the rest of my college. I want to thank Mrs. Vaughn, Mr. Mata, and Mr. Gillitzer” because they pushed me to do my best in the classes and something that I can tell the senior class and future seniors is don’t be afraid to go beyond your limits because there is so much you can accomplish.”
“I will be attending the University of Notre Dame this fall and major in Law. Ever since I was little, I wanted to become a lawyer. I’ve always wanted to help people, and I feel that this a good opportunity to do so. I’ve received a few scholarships from Notre Dame.”
“I will attend Texas A&M Kingsville and major in Music Education and maybe double major in Math. Music is my passion. After all, it’s more about what you enjoy rather than making a lot of money. My advice to others would be to be respectful to others and make connections with different people because you never know when they might be helpful to you later on. Also, help others when they need help because it is the right thing to do.”
“I plan to attend the University of North Texas and major in Chemistry and Business. I want to become a forensic scientist because I love chemistry and solving crimes and mysteries. I want to help people find justice. I have received the Emerald Eagle Scholar and a scholarship from UNT. To my graduating class – I know times can be tough but just look up to your family and friends and you will get through it.”
“I am going to attend Texas A&M College Station and major in Chemical Engineering. I have been thinking about working in the pharmaceutical industry. I love chemistry. I developed a passion for it ever since my sophomore year in high school. I love that we get to create things and discover. My advice to my class is follow your passion no matter what it is and don’t let anything discourage you.”
“I plan to attend the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and major in Biology and minor in Art. I love learning about life, but especially about the human body. It is very interesting and fascinating. I really owe this to my parents, I would not be here without them, so a big thanks to my parents.”
“I will be attending Saint Edwards University and major in Biology. I have always liked the medical field and I want to become the first doctor in my family. I am interested in Pediatrics. Ever since I was a little kid, I remember leaving the doctor’s office and feeling better. I developed a passion for medicine because I want to help too. I am a recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship from Saint Edwards. I would like to thank my parents for always pushing me. Everything is achievable you just have to put some time and effort into it.”


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