College Showcase with HHS’ Top 10 Graduates


“I plan to attend either the University of Texas or Texas A&M University. I am majoring in Petroleum Engineering as well as fulfilling prerequisites for medical school. I would like to thank God, my parents for always being there for me, and Vicente Rodea, a physical therapist at the VA he’s helped me along the way in my high school career.”
“I plan to attend Brigham Young University and major in International Studies. I was accepted into the Honors College, and I’ll have the opportunity to take advanced courses. I plan to pursue a career in humanitarian affairs to help less fortunate people in other countries and advocate for their causes.”
“I will be attending Texas A&M College Station to major in Economics. I just love the subject. I took the class, and I had a really great teacher. He was very passionate about what he taught, and it inspired me to pursue economics as a career. I am a recipient of the Century Scholarship from A&M and have recieved a few other scholarships as well.”
“I plan to attend the University of Texas at Dallas and major in Chemistry with a minor in Math. I want to become a teacher or a pharmacist. I have received the Academic Excellence Scholarship to help pay for some of my tuition. Some advice I would like to share with my class is to just do your work and turn it in on time.”


“I plan to attend the University of Texas at Austin and major in Computer Science with a certification in video game development. I hope to become a video game developer and create great games. I would just like to thank my parents. They’ve been here and they’ve supported me through all my choices. I would like to say to my class just do your best in everything. If you set your mind to a certain goal, you will make it.”


“I will attend Baylor University and major in Finance and a minor in Music. I like numbers and I like making money. I had the opportunity to intern at a bank, and I liked getting my feet wet with that and seeing what it’s like. In the future, I hope to work for a big firm or bank. I think for me it is all about how you are going to strive to live your life to the fullest. I mean we only live once so you might as well live it out, and do the best that you can in everything that you do and don’t hold back. ‘Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself and your way of thinking.'”


“I plan to attend Trinity University and major in Political Science with a minor in Economics. My goal is to run for office, so I think that is the best major and minor to help me accomplish that. I see a lot of problems down here in the Rio Grande Valley and I think that someone needs to take the initiative and take steps to make it better. I have received a scholarship from Trinity.”


“I plan to attend South Western University and major in Zoology. I have always had a love for animals. I’ve always wanted to protect them and be able to experience the world at the same time. So, I thought zoology would be the perfect way to combine both. I plan to try to travel the world and help species adapt as well as try to understand how they adapt to our changing environment. I think that no matter what you do in life, no matter how hard it gets, there is always a will, there’s always a way. You can push forward and you will be able to make it.”


“I plan to attend the Texas A&M University College Station and major in Accounting. I have a passion for mathematics and to help people. I will probably go into tax accounting. I received a scholarship from the Texas A&M Club in Cameron and Willacy counties. I also received the Century Scholarship and a few others from high school. To my class, I say, follow your passion. Strive and reach for your goals. Persevere through everything and find your purpose in life.”


“I plan to attend Texas A&M College Station and major in Economics. I took economics this year and it really intrigued me. I like problem-solving. I feel that if I major in economics it will also help me pursue law school. I do have a full ride to another university and I hope that A&M will offer me a counteroffer. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything you want as long as it is something you are passionate about.”

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  1. Congratulations to all and especially our Memorial Raiders in the top ten at HHS and Early College!
    I am very proud of you!

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