College Showcase: HHS’ Justin Macmanus


What is your career goal?
I want to become an agricultural engineer.

What teacher or teachers have influenced you the most during your time in high school?
I had Ms. Guerra as a World and U.S. History teacher for a year and a half at Harlingen High School. She works hard to push her students to be their best, and demands nothing but their best. Her positive, friendly, and cheerful attitude towards everyone she meets has inspired me to always look at the bright side and to always move forward no matter what life throws your way.

Describe a school experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.
My brother, Alec Macmanus, is a sophomore at Harlingen High School, and is on the varsity tennis team with me. We played doubles together this year in two tournaments, and one of my most memorable experiences as a tennis player was when I played with him during the La Feria Varsity Tennis Tournament. We made it to the semifinals and actually came back from being down 2-5 in one match. Neither of us gives up or ever backs down from a challenge, and that day is a perfect example of that.

What extra-curricular programs in high school benefited you the most? Why?
I have been in the Boy Scouts of America since the first grade when I started off as a Tiger Cub. The leadership, speaking, and life experiences Scouting has offered me, along with the friends and fun I had in it have greatly influenced me throughout the years. I became an Eagle Scout my sophomore year of high school, and consider it one of my greatest accomplishments. I have also participated in the 4-H program since I was in the third grade. It has also offered me many leadership, speaking, and life experiences, along with the experience of raising poultry and goat projects at the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show for a total of ten years. These projects have taught me the importance of hard work and dedication, and how those qualities will lead you to success.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
After graduating from Texas A&M, I plan on serving in the Texas State Guard or United States Army for at least four years. After or during my service, I would go back to school to earn my Masters of Engineering degree. After I leave the service and finish my Masters, I will begin my career as an agricultural engineer working for a firm or food company. I hope to eventually open my own engineering firm when I earn my Engineering Certification, have experience in the field, and have established contacts within the field.

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  1. As a mother and a volunteer for the 4-H program, I am extremely proud of Justin and the role model he has become. I wish him great succes in all of his future endeavors. God bless you, Justin.

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